The Best Way to Lose Weight : 7 Ideas to Better Your Lifestyle
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Although I am not a doctor or a personal trainer, I have been on a health & fitness journey since February of 2013 ( New Year's Resolution). At a starting weight of 186 lbs, today I am healthy and between 117-120 lbs. Let me tell you, what started off as losing weight has become the start of a mental uprising. Through research and personal experience I am here to share what I have learned on my journey as well as what has worked for ME!

The first year was the toughest. I was a single mom to 4 girls, I was "Burning the wick at both ends" as my mother would tell me. Pushing long work hours, working out and keeping up with a social life were beyond exhausting. My knees were killing me and excuses were starting to kick in. After 8 months of 60 minutes of cardio, 6 days a week I only lost 20 pounds. I am sure you can imagine my discouragement, I felt as if I wasted my time. Allowing fear and excuses to consume me, I was catapulted into 2014 (yr 2) experiencing some of the worse days in my life. 

Year 3 was much easier, I had found the secrete sauce behind getting fit and was on FIRE! I was able to reach my targeted weight in just a matter of WEEKS! Just imagine the exploding motivation from so easily accomplishing a goal! Close your eyes and picture yourself hitting that target weight or goal.... Does it feel great or what?!?! YESSS IT WAS AMAZING!!  It really set the tone for 2015 (yr 3) I was motivated, I had this great support group, I was kicking butt and taking name.

2016 started off with the stomach flu, it wasn't any stomach flu though, that bad boy had landed me in the hospital for 4 days. None the less I had the secrete sauce, I knew what I was doing, I knew how this fitness stuff worked and I was ready to get back at it. I seen a lot of people complaining about how shitty 2016 was on Facebook but I just didn't see it that way. I DID have a lot of learning experiences that I do not wish to repeat but, I don't think I would change a thing. What started as a fitness journey had began to transform into something bigger than I could ever imagine...........

The Best Way to Lose Weight

by Jessica Hinton on 03/14/17

Maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle is rather easy. There are really those 7 question that pop into my head each time I talk to a client;

How much water do you drink?
Do you over or under eat?
What color is your food?
How about protein?
How often are you active through the week
How are your sleep patterns?
How interested are you REALLY in changing your lifestyle? 


Let's cut to the chase, our bodies are made up of 60%-70% water depending on gender. Studies show the proper amount of water intake can be calculated by taking your body weight and divide it by 2. The answer to this simple equation is how many ounces of water you should be in-taking daily. 

EXAMPLE; Sally weighs 160 pounds divide that by 2 = 80 ounces

Water can be boring, I get it! Try infusing it with your fav fruit or use an Essetial Oil! Lemon, peppermint and ginger all have fantastic health benefits. Drinking warm lemon or peppermint water within the first 10 minutes of waking will help jump start your metabolism and get your digestive track moving. Drinking a glass of water before a meal will also help prevent over eating

2. Portion Control
Over eating is so easy to do, a couple great tips I can leave you with is
*Do not over load your plate or you will feel obligated to finish
*Do not pre-load your fork. This causes you to eat faster, so try 
setting your fork down between bites. This will give your brain
time to signal the stomach that it is full.

3. Eat the Rainbow
No, I do not mean the red bagged candies either! Consume a variety of colors when it comes to fruits & veggies to help fill all nutritional gaps!

 Veggie Ideas Fruit Ideas
Egg Plant  Kiwi
Cucumbers Oranges
Spinach Apples
Red Pepper Grapes
Orange Peppers Pineapple
Yellow Peppers Blueberries
Kale Peaches
Rainbow Carrots Mango

 4. LEAN Meat
All proteins contain amino acids that are broken down by the enzymes in your digestive system. These important amino acids are key essentials to living an over all healthier lifestyle.
Lean Protein
Chicken Breast
90/10 Ground Beef
Pork (loin or leg cut)
Egg Whites

YES, I SAID IT!! It's important to get up and get active. My mom always said "Get up and get the blood flowing" Well, momma was right, as usual. Think of exercising as a DETOX! It removes toxins from the body and replaces those toxins with a new healthy blood supply. Everyone can squeeze a 15-30 minute FULL BODY detox in their daily routine right?? Well not every day but if you want results you gotta put in the work.

7 hours of sleep is a MUST! Lack of sleep causes the Stress Hormones Cortisol & Ghrelin to rise. These stress hormones encourages our brain to crave unhealthy treats and sugary drinks. Try hitting the sack a little earlier and sleep in when you can!

Get in the HABIT of eating healthy. Get in the habit of drinking lots of water. Get in the habit of sleeping 7 hrs a night. Get in the habit of exercising!! Embrace these simple steps, create a routine, try and stay away from alcohol and put your HEALTH FIRST. Get rid of the idea that this is a DIET and know this is a LIFESTYLE change.

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